About Nutriden Inc.
Our Mission :

   "At Nutriden we are committed to helping our Customers to live a healthy life by providing the worlds finest nutraceuticals available to help boost energy levels and to help improve and maintain overall health to feel better and to help get the most out of nutrition for life”

Our Corporate Profile :

Today's ever growing health conscience society is taking notice of the great benefits that Omega 3 fatty acids have and are now more and more apt to seek out nutritional products to help conditions that they thought previously were only treatable with pharmaceuticals.

Whether you are a pro or scholarship athlete or just like to be active, male or female, young or old, expectant mother or a developing child, the fact remains we all have a need for essential nutrients in our diet to remain healthy and avoid chronic diseases further on down the road of life, but unfortunately as in the case of Omega-3, almost half the American population is deficient.

As we live longer, we naturally desire to live a fuller, active and meaningful life and are turning to medical science for innovative products that help preserve our youthfulness, energy, beauty and virility while simultaneously improving and maintaining our health.

Nutriden is privately held company that was formed to help people the world over to meet these needs and adapt to a healthy lifestyle using Omega 3 fatty acids and nutritional supplements as an integral part of that lifestyle.

At Nutriden we are committed to providing our clients and customers a brand of Nutraceuticals (Nutritional Supplements) that is first and foremost safe and of the highest quality, potency and efficacy.

Core corporate values embraced by Nutriden as an integral part of its ethical and social responsibility include a commitment to sustainable practices and the development of philanthropic partnership with the community at large and in harmony with its mission objective.

- Nutriden Inc